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Baldi Bros is a family owned and operated Construction Company. We pride ourselves with the professional standard to which we hold our work and employees. We proudly serve the American military with its civil construction needs. We aim to stay diversified to enable us to handle a variety of projects, such as constructing military training firing ranges, tank ranges, heavy highway paving, and installing underground utilities, including water, gas, electric, drainage and sewers. Baldi Bros owns a full fleet of heavy equipment for earthwork. Baldi Bros is a fully mobile operation.

Committed to Your Success

Baldi Bros is committed to producing the most outstanding quality work in a timely manner. We have been in business for over 60 years, understanding the skills and work ethics it takes in order to produce high quality work while maintaining a professional image within the community. We believe that our level of experience is what sets Baldi Bros apart from our competitors and will give you the finished product you want and can expect.

Our Services


Concrete / Asphalt

Range Complex



Enviromental Work

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